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There are a million different exercise plans, fitness centers, fads, and personal trainers in the world today. So why should you choose Tough Lotus for Aerial Fitness? The answer is simple. We understand that fitness needs to be both fun and effective. Aerial Fitness allows you to easily invert your body and decompress your spine. With your increased range of motion and decrease pain, you will be taking part of a workout program that is designed to stick. Meet the staff that makes Tough Lotus different.

Amanda Paige

Owner | Instructor

Credited Professional Dancer

Trained in classical ballet, Amanda was a professional dancer for over 25 years. Credits include various Broadway Shows and Featured Films, and her career gave her the opportunity to perform all over the world. Amanda worked for the most distinguished Directors/Choreographers including Adam Shankman (So You Think You Can Dance) and Kathleen Marshall (Tony Award Winner). After moving from NYC to AZ 6 years ago, her passion for helping people find wellness through nutrition and movement blossomed. Amanda began teaching and choreographing at the most reputable studios and theaters in the valley, winning multiple awards, including 4 Zoni Awards for Best Choreography. She believes that if we take care of our bodies, our bodies will take care of us. She is a certified Holistic Nutritionist and the owner of Inside Turn, a wellness company built on providing knowledge and power to those searching for their very best health and wellness. Amanda wants nothing more than to spread her love of fitness and nutrition to anyone ready to make a change for the better.

Warm & Welcoming

Amanda is known around the valley for pushing her clients to the limit and creating a warm and welcoming environment at the same time. Fitness is essential in our overall health and she believes areial fitness is not only productive but an incredibly fun way to build, strengthen and tone muscles. She created Tough Lotus classes that appeal to all levels of impact, based on her professional dance and fitness background. The most important thing to her is that Tough Lotus is a SAFE and COMFORTABLE place for people to come and build a better/stronger version of themselves.

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Elyce Haskins


All Things Aerial

Elyce, a Colorado native, moved to Arizona 4 years ago with her husband. In her search for friends and an activity to help her settle into a new state she ran across aerial fitness. She fell in love with all things aerial from her first class at Tough Lotus to her newest adventure flying trapeze. Tough Lotus in particular has had a profound impact on Elyce’s life which she wishes to share with others and help them to find their own love of aerial.

Student & Teacher

Elyce has taught at Tough Lotus for over 2 years now and is always looking forward to her next class whether she is taking or teaching. When Elyce isn’t hanging upside down, all-be that rare, she loves being outdoors. She spends her time hiking, camping, paddle boarding and trying out new adventures with friends or her husband. She also dabbles in photography which was her first love.

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