M - F 6AM - 8PM | S - S 8AM - 12PM


Aerial Series

Intro to Aerial, Aerial Ballet, Aerial Choreography, Aerial Interval, Aerial Stretch, and Aerial One-on-One.

Lotus Series

Balanced Lotus and Silver Lotus are Low Impact Workouts Designed to Promote Relaxation and Fitness.

Cardio Swing

A High Impact Workout with Nonstop Movement to Torch Calories. Get Your Heart Rate Up with Cardio Swing.

Tough Tone

Become Strong and Toned from Head to Toe with this Workout. This Class is Perfect for All Fitness Levels.

Why Choose Aerial Fitness?

Tough Lotus - Fitness Redefined

1. Fun Alternative to the Gym

Aerial Fitness fuses stretching, strength training, balance, posture work and cardio aerial challenges, to build a toned body with long, lean lines.

2. A Multitude of Benefits

Aerial fitness has a key number of benefits including; spinal decompression, lymphatic movement, core strengthening, upper body development, lower body stability, strengthen postural alignment muscles, muscle toning and strengthening, lessens the pressure on joints, and improves range of motion.

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